Age of Broken Chains

Battle of 1000 Javelins!

Pincushions are us!

The group has a map, with directions from Grithok, that leads to the headquarters of the Orcs. Sinrith, the orc leader, has had his group lay siege on Paratum. We travel through the thick forest and run into numerous small setbacks; twisted ankles, trippings by small vines, various switchbacks due to trees blocking the way… trying to move quickly has made us careless and we have moved less than quietly.

The group enters a clearing that looks like something of an old ruined road, but with lots of rocky and crumbled areas – perhaps the remnants of an old building is among the statutes and stone. The group is fatigued and gets surprised by a group of goblins in the small clearing.

A javelin flies from the ruins and just misses Dili, but an arrow flies, seeming to appear out of nowhere, and strikes him in the leg. Two wolves run from the underbrush and try to bite Savana. Meanwhile, another, larger wolf, wearing a spiky/bladed harness, comes around the corner and just misses Dili with its gnashing teeth. More goblins come out of the ruins and inundate the group with javelins. An orc steps from the trees and fires an arrow at Dili (who seems to be the pincushion this week).

Dili strikes one of the wolves so hard that it immediately leaves this world, and then he steps back to that the paladin Balasar can heal him. After doing so, Balasar strikes the other large wolf and draws blood. A wolf continues to chew on Savana and is held down by its paw. Savana arcs her hands and offers forth a burning spray of acid, coating the large wolf and soaking its fur, burning its skin. Meanwhile Gunju moves swiftly to flank the wolf and ends up taking an arrow in the flank himself (coming from one of the orcs in the trees).

Mal waves his hands and Balasar seems to appear between the large wolf, the small wolf, and the orc, taunting the creatures to some and attack him. Mal concentrates on the small wolf, causing it to bite at the larger one. Turin runs over to the right and plants his feet, starts to shoot a red flecked arrow at the orc attacking Balasar, notices the wind shift and adjusts the tension on the bow appropriately. The arrow strikes true and injures the creature. He shouts that it “doesn’t look as bad as it seems” which, isn’t the greatest inspirational speech ever, but it does give Balasar some hope.

Arrows still fly out of the trees from an unknown foe. No-one seems to be able to detect the location of the archer. Balasar sends some divine prayer toward Dili, who appears to glow slightly and then is visibly brightened in mood. The orc, unimpressed by Balasar, strikes back and takes a chunk out of the Dragonborn.

The battle rages for a few more minutes. Dili takes out the orc, Balasar takes out the large wolf, and Turin finally locates the direction from which the arrows are coming. Savana dispatches another wolf as Dili gets hit with yet another Javelin. Mal assaults a goblin with his mind, making it go crazy, literally. Turin unsuccessfully tries to get into a better position to see the hidden foes. Dili runs up to one of the small goblins and splits him from ass to elbow. Dili spies the hidden enemy, who fires at him and then retreats. Balasar grabs the healing potion offered by Mal and takes it to Dili. Savana takes out the non-retreating goblin. The final orc retreats out of view.

Turin runs at the final goblin, planting an arrow in its back. Dili runs after and slams the goblin down to the ground. The goblin clambers off the ground and tries to run away, with Dili hitting him the whole time, but succeeds in getting away from the assassin.

The group pursues, but loses the goblin in the thick forest. Turin urges the group to go back to the ruins and inspect the bodies, ruins, and statues. There is evidence of a fresh campfire, indicating this is a clearing at which the goblins rest. The statue appears to be an old Nerathian statue, with words that are old and almost eroded away – it appears to have no bearing on the current situation.

After searching the bodies, the group finds 10 gp and 15 sp, which Savana holds for safe keeping. The group takes a few minutes to discuss the situation, realizing that it is a bit unusual for Goblins and Orcs working together intelligently, though it is not rare to see wolves with either of the two. It appears that the chief, Sinruth, has amassed a mixed army of creatures, all working together to a common end.

Turin tells the group that we must be more careful from now on – go slower and send Savana and Gunju up ahead to scout. As we rest, the two try and look ahead on one of the unmapped trails, but run into thickets and thick woods, and then it turned to the south, causing them to turn back. The groups rests and then discusses what to do next: take the trail indicated on the map or one of the other ones?



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