Age of Broken Chains

Facing down Dulan

Close Encounters of the Necromancer Kind

The night passes uneventfully. During his watch, Mal hears sounds from the adjoining chamber—orcs or goblins, likely. They seem to be going about their business, much to the relief of the party. Nothing about their behavior suggests that they are suspicious that their fellows who were supposed to be on guard duty are missing. The adventurers break camp about two hours before dawn and carefully make their way back into the western half of complex.

Believing that picking up where they left off would be the best course of action, the group makes their way to a room in the south-western section of the crypts. They burst into the necrotic mist filled room and find Dulan, the necromancer mentioned by the talking skull earlier, performing unholy rites. “I’m surprised it took you this long,” he quips at the group as weapons are drawn. He suggests that being discovered by the party is no real impediment to his plans and Sinruth has already accomplished what Dulan had hoped of him.

Their focus split, the adventurers find themselves nearly overwhelmed by Dulan and his… servants. Dulan calls forth undead to protect him. To their horror, among the creatures that rise up to fight them are former Wolves of Maldeen who were captured alongside Orsik as well as the body of Kartenix, the Dragonborn guardsman from Paratum. The group suffers at the hands of Dulan’s magic and his undead servants, but they eventually prevail as Turin sends one of his trademark arrows through Dulan’s eye. As the last zombie falls, the group finds they are no closer to unraveling the truth of what has occurred here, but at least one threat has been neutralized. For now.



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