Age of Broken Chains

Old Friends

After Dulan is defeated, the group spent a few minutes to catch their breath and analyze what they had just experienced. The body of Dulan was no where to be found, as though it had vanished into thin air. All that remains are the body’s of the undead Dulan called forth to act as his protectors. In honor of their services as Wolves of the Maldeen, Orsik and Balasar each say words praising and blessing them. At the same time, the rest of the part begun to search the room. Among the items found were Dulan’s spell book, which Mal now holds in his possession. Also found was a small onyx dog, which Savana gladly accepted. Finally, Turin come into ownership of armor which makes him look pretty.

The adventurers refused to leave their comrades in the chamber where such evil was practiced, and it was decided to move them. They were brought to the chamber which the group had used just the night before as a resting place. Once the bodies have been placed, the party decides to continue exploring. They come upon a dark stairwell, leading into a small room. Mal provided light, and the group moved into the room. It was a dungeon of the most literal sort, with six cells. Two contained prisoners, Sertanian and Adronsius. Through brute strength they were freed from their cells, and insisted that we take them from the dungeon. The adventurers told them of their hiding place where they stored the bodies of the fallen Wolves, and the two men agreed to stay there until the group could return and see to their safe exit.



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