Kasdan Tespil

Grey Wolf Packmaster for the PCs


Kasdan Tespil is a grizzled and scarred old half-elf, one of the first dozen members of the Wolves of Maldeen and one of the few from the founding still alive.

Kasdan doesn’t talk much about his past, but rumors are that before he was a Grey Wolf, he was a merchant of some success. Rumors then further go on to speculate that while Kasdan was away on business, his wife and children were killed by a group of thieves intent on robbing their fairly well appointed house. Upon returning, Kasdan nearly got himself killed trying to hunt down and bring the thieves and murderers to justice. Only when he was joined in his quest by four others, including Maldeen himself, was Kasdan successful in dealing with the culprits. Kasdan won’t discuss the rumors, even to deny them.

What is known is that Kasdan joined the Wolves as his youth was beginning to pass him by. Despite being in his mid-30’s at best when he joined the Wolves, Kasdan took to the life with surprising ease and he’s been one of the most steady and reliable members ever since. Never a deft hand with a sword or shield, Kasdan instead relied on a surprising talent for archery and a keen analytical and tactical mind to get him through the hard life of a Grey Wolf.

Many of his old companions have retired or died in the 25+ years since he joined, but Kasdan remains semi-active. On occasions when hard fought experience are crucial to the success of an important task, Kasdan will restring his bow, don his armor, and lead a Pack or two in the field. Otherwise, he is a teacher and guardian at the Anivea region Grey Lodge. To the orphans and others needing care and help, Kasdan is a quietly gruff but kind old man.

To recruits, Kasdan is a holy terror who pushes people to their breaking limit and beyond in order to prepare them for the harsh life as a Grey Wolf. Only in retrospect do recruits understand that while hard, Kasdan was never unfair, and he was showing how much he cared the only way he knew how: by making sure that they would have the tools and toughness to survive in a dangerous and frightening world.

Kasdan Tespil

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