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Welcome to the Age of Broken Chains campaign wiki.

You, the players, can use this area to…

… write down general Notes
… keep track of your characters Current Status
… record Character Backgrounds
… describe your Character Appearance
… see your Background Bonuses
… write down Wishlists
… keep track of NPCs
… help yourself remember Places
… see what Groups or Organizations you’ve run across
… remember what Quests or tasks you have going on
… keep track of bonuses or special Achievements
… log memorable Quotes
… or just Discuss the things happening in game.

In addition I, the DM, will use this wiki to help elaborate on what your characters know, what they see, and what they have. I will also list my House Rules. The entire campaign Primer, complete with character creation info, general geography, area history, will also be available here.

Main Page

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